Does Lowes Sell Garbage Disposals?

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Does Lowes Sell Garbage Disposals?

Yes, Lowes does sell Garbage Disposals in its stores and online.

About Lowes Garbage Disposals

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Lowes sells Garbage Disposals from a variety of brands such as Moen, InSinkErator, Frigidaire, GE, Whirlpool, KitchenAid. Prices range from under $100 to over $300 depending on the brand, quality and horsepower (hp) of the unit. 

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Do you need a plumber or electrician to install a garbage disposal?

If you buy a garbage disposal from Lowes do you need to hire an electrician or plumber? The answer is no, if you have basic household skills and experience with similar items. You can install your own garbage disposal in about an hour or two.

However, considering you are dealing with an electrical appliance, safety is an important consideration. Lowes has some helpful information here. If you are unsure, consider asking an experienced friend, advice from the Lowe’s team or hire a professional.

A professional can install your new garbage disposal will take about one to three hours including set up and clean up. Fees vary, however, you can expect to spend $100-$200.

Do plumbers fix garbage disposals?

Yes, when your garbage doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did, you can call an appliance repair person, handyman or plumber to try an fix it. However, aside from a few common fixes, many experienced installers will recommend you might consider a replacement for your garbage disposal.

When should a garbage disposal be replaced?

Consider replacing your garbage disposal if it’s been in use about 10 years depending on the quality, HP and brand. Most average disposals with 1/2 horsepower have a life expectancy of about 10 years, after which is when many begin to clog.

What makes a good garbage disposal?

The garbage disposal one of the best kitchen appliances we use often, depend on, don’t really see and care greatly if it doesn’t work.  It saves you clean up time and lets you do the dishes without worry or thought about the small pieces of food which could clog your sink drain. You get what you pay for, so what makes a good disposal?

 Garbage disposals are fairly basic devices so you don’t have to. There are few things to consider in terms of what makes a good garbage disposal. The parts you want to consider are the feed type, motor size, Grinding Chamber and the noise of the unit.

Feed Type

Garbage disposals come in two standard types – continuous feed and batch feed. A continuous feed disposal is the most common and easy to use. They are the open-mouth disposals that turn on and off with a switch under the sink or on the wall. Batch feed garbage disposals need you to fit a stopper lid into the mouth of the disposal to activate the disposal. This is a safety feature which makes it hard to turn on the disposal while your hand is in the grinding chamber. This feature also prevents accidental items such as a spoon being ground in the unit while washing dishes. Batch feed disposals are less common and often more expensive.

Motor Size

The motor size of a disposal is an important consideration when you purchase a new unit. Often the higher the horsepower (HP), the better the quality of the garbage disposal unit. Common sizes include 1/3 HP, 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP and 1 HP. Paying a little more for a larger motor can prevent jams and offer smoother operation.  Your best bet is to consider a 1/2 HP for most household use.

Grinding Chamber

The grinding chamber is the core of the unit. Disposals with smaller motors generally often have smaller chambers. This is because the motor can’t handle the larger load. Higher quality united may have better-built chambers and sometimes using stainless steel. They will also have larger chambers accompaning the higher hourse power. 


A helpful feature is auto-reverse which is an anti-jamming option that allows the disposal motor to reverse the unit rotation automatically if something gets stuck in the chamber. 


The higher the quality of your unit, the better chance it will produce less noise and run smoother.  Garbage disposal manufacturers reduce sound with good construction and adding insulation around the grinding chamber. It this is a highly recommended consideration. 

History Of the Garbage Disposal

The Garbage disposal was invented long before you may think. The dispoal was invented by John Hammes in 1927. The fact is, the garbage disposal hasn’t changed very much over the last century. 

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