Does Meijer Sell The Apple Watch?

Does Target Sell The Apple Watch?

Does Meijer Sell the Apple Watch?

Yes, Meijer does carry the Apple Watch at

You can buy the current Apple Watch at 

You can find the Apple Watch at Target too.

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Amazon also has Apple watches available.

The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch which connects to your iPhone. It delivers notifications and runs apps. Some people call it the iWatch. The Apple watch can do many things. The following are a few of the most interesting things you can do with the Apple Watch.

It’s more than an iPhone on your wrist. When you understand what you can do with the Apple Watch it becomes the amazing tool its meant to be. You can be more productive, shape up or lose weight. You can use it to save money too.  

Below are 10 things of many you can do with an Apple Watch

  1. Answer Calls
  2. Use the Apple Watch as a flashlight
  3. Track Distance For Your Runs
  4. Change Your Watch Face
  5. Monitor Your Heart Rate
  6. View and Reply to Text and iMessage
  7. Connect to Your Car
  8. Get iPhone Notifications On Your Wrist
  9. Pay with Apple Pay
  10. Get Directions On Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple watch series 4

Sept 2018 Apple introduced Apple Watch Series 4, a redesigned and re-engineered watch to help its users stay connected. It’s new design is for more active people and allows everyone to manage their health in powerful new innovative ways.

Yet, the Apple watch retains its original iconic design. The fourth-generation Apple Watch is refined with new hardware and software enhancements. The stunning watch display is over 30 percent larger and seamlessly integrates into the thinner, smaller case. The new watch interface provides more information with richer detail. Apple Watch Series 4 uses the new watchOS 5. This operating system brings advanced activity and communications features, along with the Apple Watches revolutionary health capabilities, which includes a new accelerometer and gyroscope, which can detect hard falls, and an electrical heart rate sensor that can take an electrocardiogram (ECG)using the new ECG app,1 which has been granted a De Novo classification by the FDA.

“We’re thrilled Apple Watch has become an essential part of people’s lives,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “The completely redesigned Apple Watch Series 4 continues to be an indispensable communication and fitness companion, and now with the addition of groundbreaking features, like fall detection and the first-ever ECG app offered directly to consumers, it also becomes an intelligent guardian for your health.” 


Apple Watch Series 4 is more than just an evolution in the Apple watch design — it’s fundamental redesign and re-engineering of the Apple Watch. Apple offers it in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm. The speaker is 50 percent louder (helpful), it’s optimized for phone calls, Siri and Walkie-Talkie, and the microphone is relocated to reduce echo for better quality sound. The device includes the next-generation S4 chip with a custom 64-bit dual-core processor. This means the Apple Watch delivers twice the speed while maintaining the same all-day battery life, according to Apple.

The back of Apple Watch Series 4 is composed of a beautiful black ceramic and sapphire crystal, which allows radio waves to easily pass through the front and back for better cellular service. Yay! The Digital Crown now includes haptic feedback, which offers a more mechanical and responsive feel through the sensation of incremental clicks.

Apple revolutionized personal technology by introducing the Macintosh computer in 1984. These days, Apple leads the world in innovation with products such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. 

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