Does Rite Aid Sell Money Orders?

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Does Rite Aid Sell Money Orders?

Yes, Rite Aid sells money orders for 99 cents at the register.

About Rite Aid Money Orders

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How To Purchase a Money Order At Rite Aid

Rite Aid uses Western Union for its money order service. Money orders are available during regular store hours. In other words, Rite Aid Western Union hours are the same. Rite Aid only accepts cash payment for money orders.  You can ask for money orders at the check out register.

All Rite Aid registers can generate money orders. Rite Aids does not accept  payment with a debit card or credit card. The fee for a money order is $0.99 per money order.

You can purchase a single money order for up to $500 and multiple money orders up to a total of $2,999. For example, if you need to pay $2,000, you will need to purchase four $500 money orders. 

Use the Rite Aid Store locator to find a store near you: Store Locator

Basic Facts: Rite Aid Money Orders

  • Rite Aid sells money orders through Western Union. 
  • Rite Aid charges a flat fee of $0.99 per money order of $500.
  • You can purchase money orders up to a maximum amount of $500. However, you can purchase multiple money orders of $500 for a maximum of $2999 during a single day.
  • Money orders are cash only. 
  • Rite Aid does not cash money orders.

About Rite Aid

Rite Aid Corporation is a United States drugstore chain. The company is ranked in the top 100 of the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. Rite Aid is the largest drugstore chain on the East Coast and the third largest in the U.S.The company is headquartered in Camp Hill, East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg. 

Rite Aid Corporation is one of the nation’s leading drugstore chains. With approximately 2,500 stores in 19 states, they have a strong position on each of the US Coasts. Rite Aid employs more than 51,000 associates. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol RAD.

Rite Aid says it delivers the products and services that you need to lead a healthier, happier life. Everyone at Rite Aid from our knowledgeable, caring associates and pharmacists to the members of our board of director works together to provide its customers with a superior pharmacy experience.

Benefits of using Western Union money orders

Money orders are a helpful way to provide certified funds when other payment methods aren’t accepted.

About Western Union 

Western Union is a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement. From small businesses and global corporations, to families near and far away, to NGOs in the most remote locations on Earth. Western Union helps people and businesses transfer money from one location to another. In 2017, Western Union completed more than 800 million transactions for there individual consumers and business clients. They continue to innovate, developing new ways to send money through digital, mobile, and retail methods.

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