Does Target Sell Alcohol?

Does Target Sell Alcohol?

Yes, Target does sell alcohol in stores only. It does not sell alcohol online.

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Alcohol Sales and Target

Alcoholic beverages are the fastest growing division at Target. Craft beer is certainly a star in the category.

Senior Manager of Public Relations Amy Joiner said. Craft beer accounts for more than a quarter of total liquor sales, which is twice as much as at a typical liquor store, according to Target’s website.

If you live in Chicago you can drink in the store. This is limited to only a few locations. However, over time this trend may expand.

Currently, a small-format Target version opened up on E. Illinois St in Streeterville, and was approved for two licenses: on-premise consumption for the bar and an off-premise license. The latter is nothing new; many Target locations sell alcohol. But this will be the first time that Target will sell alcohol to customers while they are shopping.

This is a new trend for retailers, however, Target isn’t the first to dip their toe into the in-store alcohol market. You may already know, many Wholefoods locations across the country already offer in-store beer and wine. Kroger is testing selling growlers at a new store in Memphis TN.

We will see what happens over the next five years.

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