Does TJ Maxx Sell Luggage?

Yes, TJ Maxx Sells multiple brands and styles of Luggage.

What Makes Good luggage?

TJ Maxx & Luggage

TJ Maxx carries brand name luggage a discounted price. Yet, do you know what quality luggage is? 

The fact is the best luggage is luggage you don’t need to think or worry about. Once loading compartment of the transportation of your choice, you don’t want to think much about it and probably don’t give it much thought.

Yet, the protection and security your luggage offers you and your belongings are priceless. This is why the highest quality you can afford can provide you with peace of mind.

It’s true sticker shock is common when shopping for luggage. However, its worth remembering that having your personal belongings spill out onto the luggage carousel is far worse. 

You don’t want to lose important documents or treasured items. The inconvenience and loss of you belonging can be expensive. Not to mention the time effort to replace them. So think about it, choosing the best luggage based on color and design alone is a big mistake. Reliability and durability should be the critical factors when choosing your luggage.

High-quality and low-quality luggage: There are many of imitations available which might look the part. These low-quality cases and bags are often attractive and appealing, with great prices. Yet, cheap off-brand luggage almost always comes with problems that surface after a few uses. Below are just a few things which you should consider before you purchase luggage.

Things to consider for quality luggage

  • substandard zippers
  • poorly designed wheels
  • cheap latches
  • materials that tear or show scratches immediately
  • handles that break or become unstable

TJ Maxx Luggage Carry On

Yes, TJ Maxx sells carry on luggage

Carry on luggage also known as hand luggage is available along with the standard size luggage it sells. It’s worth noting cabin bags should have a maximum length of 56 cm (22 inches), and a width of 45 cm (18 inches) and depth of 25 cm (10 inches) which includes handles, side pockets, wheels.

TJ Maxx Luggage Sets

Yes, TJ Maxx sells luggage sets

Luggage Sets make it easier to find all of the things that you need without shopping for several individual pieces. If you buy the right one, you should be able to get everything in a single purchase. Luggage sets tend to be available primarily for more entry level luggage, though some higher end pieces can also be purchased in sets.

Buying sets can save more money than buying individually because they are usually less expensive together than they would be separately. Sets range from two cases to more than eight cases, and some feature pieces that cannot be purchased alone.

Choosing Better Luggage

Generally, a more expensive, name-brand set of luggage will last much longer and be better equipped to endure the inevitable impact of travel and automated luggage handling. These extra, often hidden, qualities found within better-built cases are what keeps personal items safe and intact through multiple journeys over many years. Savvy travelers should search for bags with high-quality inline wheels, smooth and sturdy zippers, and high-density ballistic nylons and canvases.

Additionally, high-end luggage lines are usually finished to a higher standard, with materials that maintain their cosmetic appeal even after years of use. Polycarbonates and aluminum cases not only keep delicate items from damage while in transit but also look fantastic. Packing these cases often provides more protection too, since they employ advanced packing systems that allow you to keep delicate and breakable items in different compartments from your clothing. These subtle details are what makes higher quality cases stand out.

History Of Luggage

early suite case
via internet archive

The Suitcase as we know it today started as an afterthought in the luggage and leather goods business. However, over time, they became a symbol of travel. An 1897 wholesale price list included the words “suit case” only twice in a 20-page list of luggage types. 

Early suitcases were lighter and more portable than the traditional travel trunks, yet they were still bulky by today’s standards. Leather, wicker or thick rubbery cloth was stretched over a rigid wood or steel frame. Corners were rounded out using brass or leather caps.

The late 19th century marked a shift in the history of transportation of the time. Travel was not just for the rich, this was the first steps to mass tourism. People had traditionally traveled for exploration and trade. However, by approximately 1900, hotels in in locations such as Switzerland were recording millions of overnight stays each year. 

Over time, trunks went out of style, suitcases took on not just practical but also cultural significance. By the 1920s, suitcases featured in books such as The Hardy Boys and such films as The Woman in the Suitcase, as a literary symbol for both mobility and mystery—perhaps filled with gold, photographs, or simply a stranger’s possessions. During the Great Depression, farmers who worked fields away from home were called “suitcase farmers.”

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About TJ Maxx

The TJ Maxx company roots date back more than four decades to 1976. The is When Bernard (Ben) Cammarata, the General Merchandising Manager of Marshalls at the time, was recruited by the discount retailer, Zayre Corp. His job was to develop and spearhead the launch of a new off-price chain selling clothing and home fashions. Mr. Cammarata’s opened the first T.J. Maxx stores in 1977. By the late 1980s, Zayre restructured its company and spun off three of its brands — T.J. Maxx, Hit or Miss, and Chadwick’s of Boston. These brands served as the initial retail banners of what would become The TJX Companies, Inc.

Mr. Cammarata retired from his position as Chairman of the Board in June 2015 and remains with TJX in an advisory role as Founder and Executive Advisor.

TJX has continued to grow over the years, it opened new stores around the world. They have launched new chains, and acquired other retailers, to bring its popular off-price model to a wider network of customers. There target customer are people who love brand name apparel and home fashions, all at a good value.

The TJX Companies, Inc., is ranked 85 among Fortune 500 companies and is the leading off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the United States and worldwide. At the end of 2017 the TJX had over $35 billion in revenues, from it more than 4,000 stores.

TJX stores are located in 9 countries. The company operates T.J. Maxx and Marshalls (combined, Marmaxx), HomeGoods, Sierra Trading Post, and Homesense, as well as and, in the United States; Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls (combined, TJX Canada) in Canada; and T.K. Maxx in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Australia, as well as Homesense in the U.K. and Ireland and in the U.K. (combined, TJX International). They also have 3 e-commerce websites, and employ approximately 249,000 Associates. 

In the first quarter of 2018 TJX sales were $35.9 billion. The Company operate more than 4,000 stores in nine countries, across three continents.

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