Does Walmart Sell Scrubs?

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Does Walmart Sell Scrubs?

Yes, Walmart sells scrubs in its stores and scrubs may be ordered online from

You can shop scrubs from Walmart here.

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About Medical Scrubs

Scrubs are the sanitary clothing worn by medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other workers involved in patient care in hospitals. This includes private doctors offices, dentists and even veterinarians.

Medical scrubs are generally short-sleeved, v-neck shirts combine with drawstring pants. Scrubs can also include jackets and gowns. These days scrubs come in various colors, prints and patterns. Medical scrubs also come in various durable fabrics types which can be easily cleaned.

Scrubs For Used For Surgery

Scrubs worn in surgery are most commonly a  light green, light blue or light grey. Which may be found online at Target and at Target stores. 

However, Non-surgical scrubs come in a wider variety of colors and patterns, ranging from official issue garments to custom made, whether by commercial uniform companies or by home-sewing using commercially available printed patterns. Target Stores do not offer a larger variety of patterns and prints. You may wish to consider a specialty store.

Some hospitals use scrub color to differentiate between patient care departments. It’s important to check with your employer before purchasing scrubs for a new position. Some medical facilities distinguish licensed patient care personnel, unlicensed assistive personnel, and non-patient care support staff based on the color of their scrubs. 

The History Of Scrubs

The medical community began where Scrubs in the mid-twentieth century when the importance of a clean environment for surgery and medical care became clear.

Before medical scrubs became standard it was common for surgeons to performed surgeries in street clothes. They may have covered up with an apron to keep their clothes clean. In the 1940s the understanding of infections in wounds helped to increase the standard practice of a sanitary operating room. Thus prompting the first use of medical scrubs. The first medical scrubs were gowns which covered the surgeon and staff while operating on the patient. Modern scrubs started to become standard in the 1970 and 80’s.

Cleaning Your Scrubs

It’s common for surgical scrubs to be owned, cleaned and replaced by the medical institution. This is because of concerns about sterility issues which may arise if wash in a home. However, if you do not work at a hospital or facility which owns staff scrubs, it’s important that you keep your scrubs clean using best sanitary practices. If you see signs of wear, permanent stains or fading, you should replace your scrubs. Clean medical scrubs is a sign of cleanliness and professionalism. Most important, it’s about the health of your patients. 

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