Does CVS Sell Stamps?

Does CVS Sell Stamps?

Yes, CVS sells stamps in its stores, you may purchase them at the register. CVS does not sell stamps online.

Find a CVS store here CVS here. or you can check Google maps for a CVS store to buy postage near you. (here)


Map: Where To By Stamps At CVS

Click the orange button above to find a CVS store to buy stamps. If you are in a large city in the United States chances are there is a CVS store near you. The button above will take you to a Google map showing you stores near you.

Beyond CVS

More places to buy stamps

Can I get a postage stamps at CVS? – Yes.

Need A Stamp From CVS?

Chances are, if you are in the US there is a CVS store near you. With 9600 stores and multiple stores in many cities — it seems like CVS stores are on about every other corner. In many CVS stores you can buy stamps at the register. Not all CVS store sell postage the same. Some stores don’t sell postage, others only sell books of stamps, while few sell individual stamps.

How much is a book of stamps?

A US first class forever stamp is 50 cents. A book of stamps contains 20 stamps and may be purchased for $10.00.

What To Know More About Stamps?

Photo of a stamp - Does CVS sell stamps article.

The birth of the modern postage stamp begins on May 6, 1840, when Britain issued its first stamp called the “Penny Black.”. It showed the head of the monarch of the time, Queen Victoria.

In 1837 Sir Rowland Hill, the British Postmaster General, introduced the new Post Office Reforms. The revolutionary ideas were that mail could go anywhere in the British Isles at the same rate – a penny for a half-ounce. The postage is paid by the sender not the person receiving the mail.  The payment was noted with a receipted placed on the outside of the letter, a stamp!

The new postage system of mail delivery became very popular and the concept of collecting a fee in advance spread quickly.  Soon other countries started using the pre-paid stamp system. The United States Post Office Department printed its first stamps, a 5-cent stamp picturing Benjamin Franklin in 1847.

Collecting Stamps

Stamp collecting was once the most popular hobby in the world. People from all walks of life collect postage stamps. Today, there are many new and exciting hobbies. However, stamp collecting is still popular. There is no limit to how a new stamp collection can be created. You can Join a stamp club to talk with other collectors and even trade stamps.

There is a lot of information available on online, as well as new stamps which are released regularly. Yet, you need to be careful about the information you find on the Internet. It’s best to deal with reputable stamp dealer who is happy to share their experience and knowledge with budding collectors.

What is the most valuable stamp?

Inverted Jenny postage Stamp
Inverted Jenny Stamp

The Inverted Jenny is among the most famous of the rare stamps. It’s considered by many to be the rarest stamp error in U.S. history. The stamp displays a plane which is the JN-4HM. A plane built by the Curtiss company during World War I. Most appropriately, the JN-4HM was the first plane used to deliver mail. 

The stamp has a printing error which caused the blue vignette around the plane and to be printed upside down.  The red border section or frame around the stamp is printed correctly.

The error only appeared one single sheet of 100 stamps. This sheet has since been broken up. There are some small blocks of two and four stamps. In 2016, a single Inverted Jenny sold at auction for $1,351,250. The original price for the stamp was 24 cents. 

About CVS

CVS sells more than stamps

CVS Pharmacy was originally known as Consumer Value Store from 1963 to 1996. It was founded May 8, 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. The company founders are Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein Hebreux Jules and Ralph Hoagland.

CVS Headquarters: 1 CVS Drive, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States. The number of locations as of spring 2018 is 9600 stores.

CVS sells prescription drugs and general merchandise. This includes over-the-counter drugs, beauty products, cosmetics, film, seasonal items, greeting cards, convenience foods and of course, stamps. The store also provides healthcare services through its MinuteClinic medical clinics and Diabetes Care Centers which can be found inside CVS stores.

Does Your CVS Sell Stamps?

Most CVS stores sell stamps. However, it is common for them to run out of stamps. There is a button above to view a Google map of local CVS stores. You may want to call in advance to see if your local store has stamps available. They most likely carry the forever stamp in books form. It is rare that a business outside of the post office offers a variety of stamps to the pubic. CVS is no exception.

Corrections: We try to be as accurate as possible. Products, supplies and policies do change beyond our control. If you notice an inaccuracy please email us.

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