Does publix Sell Plan b?

Plan b
does pubix sell plan b?
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Does Publix Sell Plan b?

Yes, Publix sells Plan b in its pharmacy to those 17 years and older.

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About Plan b

Plan b is designed to reduce the chance of pregnancy after unprotected sex. It may be used if other methods of protection fail. Plan B 1.5mg is an Emergency Contraceptive Pill. Each box of Plan b contains one tablet to be used as soon as possible after an unprotected sexual encounter for best results. This One-Step pill should be used no more than 72 hours after an unprotected sexual encounter for best effectiveness. The Plan b hormone tablet is small and easy to take orally. It uses the same ingredient in many birth control pills but at a higher dose, this levonorgestrel pill is shown to be an effective tool in women’s health as back-up option. Use this product only occasionally and not routinely. It is available over the counter. No prescription required to purchase this product. This pack of Plan B 1.5mg Emergency Contraceptive Pills is a number-one OBGYN-recommended brand because of its safety and effectiveness.

About Publix

Since George W. Jenkins founded Pubix in 1930, it has grown from a single store into the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States.  Currently, as of 2018, the chain employs 190,000 people at 1202 store locations. Publix is one of the ten largest-volume supermarket chains in the United States. offers this article for informational purposes only. Do not take the information on this page as medical advice or endorsement of this product. 

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