Does Target Sell Flowers?

Does Target Sell Flowers?

Yes, Target sells flowers, however, depending on location, season or time of the year, their selection can be limited.

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About Flowers

Flowers intrigue people with their beauty and enticing scents. Flowers get their food from sunlight, water, and minerals found in the soil. Flowers are the reproductive parts of a plant, and plants make their own food by a process called photosynthesis.

Plants take in carbon dioxide, or CO ,through tiny holes in their leaves, which are called stomata. They then produce and release oxygen (which we breath) through the stomata. 

Flowers and plants have been used as medicine for thousands of years. Some flowers, such as the lotus, have religious or historical significance. 

About Target

A United States based department store. Their history shows a passion for innovation and creating great shopping experiences.

Founder George Draper Dayton

In 1881, a native New Yorker George D. Dayton decides to explore the Midwest markets. After several years in banking and real estate, Dayton decides on Minneapolis as the place which offers the strongest opportunity for growth. He eventually purchases land on Nicollet Avenue and creates the Dayton Dry Goods Company. Today the company is known as Target Corporation.

Dayton’s personal principles shape the new store, including his belief in the the higher ground of stewardship. His store is soon known for dependable merchandise, fair business practices and a generous spirit of giving. As President, he remains active in the store’s management until his death in 1938. His son and grandsons take over leadership and begin to grow the Dayton Company into a nationwide retailer.

The Birth of Target

On May 1, 1962, guests in the Twin Cities hear the news of Target’s first grand opening in Roseville, Minn. The concept is a new idea in discount stores, Target differentiates itself from other retail stores by combining many of the best department store features such as fashion, quality and service .  A store you can be proud to shop in, a store you can have confidence in, a store that is fun to shop and exciting to visit.” 

  • 1962 First Target opens in Roseville, Minn.
  • “Tar-zhay” This affectionate nickname was coined the year we opened our very first store.
  • 1993 Target team members begin to wear red and khaki.


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