How Much Does A Molekule Air Cost?

Molekule Air Cost

How Much Does A Molekule Cost?

A Molekule air purifer cost around $800 and a Molekule mini is about $400. More with Peco filter bundles. Learn more at

The Molekule Air’s poor performance in CS testing for particle reduction, there’s the price to consider. The Molekule Air costs $800, with an annual cost of $130 for filter replacements, plus an additional $50 a year for energy use, based on our calculations. (The model is not Energy Star certified, unlike the majority of air purifiers we test.)

About Molekule Air

The Molekule Air is well designed cylindrical air purifier. The Molekule Air is available online including the manufactures website for $800.

The Molekule manufacturer claims to have revolutionized air cleaning with its proprietary PECO technology.

Sleep Sherpa Molekule Air Purifier Recommendation

There are many facets to sleep hygiene, such as, clean sheets, clean mattress, consistent bedtime, dark room, cool temperature. The question is, what good is a nice mattress if it’s in a room where you are breathing polluted air?

One option is to invest in a good HEPA filter which is a great start yet having gone through many HEPA filters, he was really impressed with the PECO filter. After the first night his morning sneezing routing was almost completely eliminated. (He now leaves it on in silent mode.

One of the drawbacks is that for the PECO filter to work its best, the light needs to be on. This can be a problem in your bedroom at night. Fortunately, there is a night mode which keeps the filter running but turns the light on. He has the night mode enabled but did notice that it’s not quite as effective as eliminating any morning congestion.

If you are thinking of investing in a filter, the Molekule is by far the best technology I have used and has made a real difference in my sleep quality and how I feel in the morning. While these would be great for every room of the house, they aren’t cheap and I think you will get the most bang for your buck by having one in your bedroom.

CS review

Consumer reports did a little digging on this product and here is what they found. (full article here).

The Molekule Air earns a Fair rating for smoke and dust removal at high speed and a Poor—the lowest score possible—at low speed. The Molekule Air earns is the third-lowest-scoring air purifier of the 48 CS has tested.

The manufacturer says the Molekule Air is sized for rooms up to 600 square feet, however, its performance in CS tests ranks it among compact models that are properly designed for small rooms. Based on our lab’s calculated rate at which it can process the air, the Molekule Air wouldn’t be able to handle any room larger than 100 square feet. Which is certainly not 600 square feet.

“It’s a very limited assessment of Molekule because instantaneous removal of particles is not the full picture of what air purification looks like,” Rao says. “And while we may be destroying at a slower rate, we’re still doing something much more complicated, which is truly purifying the air at the nanoscale level and making it safer.”

But if the Molekule Air isn’t pulling enough air into the machine in the first place, it may struggle to clean the air at any scale. 

“Even if the PECO filter works and it purifies the air of microscopic particles, it’s still not effectively catching the large particles, which are also irritants,” Dickerson says.

It’s also not very quiet, garnering a Fair score for noise on the high-speed setting and a Good score on the low-speed setting.

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